Red Wolf Roll Call Radio with J.C. & Uncle Walls is a daily sports talk show with a heavy emphasis on AState Athletics Monday-Friday 11am-2pm on ESPN Jonesboro 92.7, the RWRC Radio App, and RedWolfRollCall.com LIVE from The Medic One Studios. RWRC Radio, while heavy on Red Wolves talk, is far more than just that! J.C. & Uncle Walls tackle all the Hot Topics in the world of sports while playing the BEST music in the HISTORY OF THE LAND! No really, they do! Whether it’s NBA, NFL, NCAA, MLB, local sports, or pop culture, the fella’s are passionate about their thoughts and opinions on the topics. One of the biggest things that RWRC Radio prides themselves on, is being the MOST interactive sports talk show in Arkansas! The listening family can join in on all the fun daily on the Back In Action Hotline, the Superior Lawn Service Text Line, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you want to hear entertaining sports talk with a little comic relief mixed in, RWRC Radio is the show for you! If not, your not Merican!