Antonio Fletcher Update

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Antonio Fletcher, defensive back, was signed in February with the 2018 class. RedWolfRollCall.Com caught up with Fletcher to see what he’s been up to in preparation for his arrival at Arkansas State. The update is brought to you courtesy of JC Cox- Realtor!

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Antonio Fletcher is a defensive back that is sure to excite you. He’s already calling multiple picks against Alabama and has confidence that doesn’t appear to have the ability to be shaken. He’s been a vocal recruiter for Arkansas State on social media since committing and brings a sense of swagger that should fit nicely with the current secondary coaches at Arkansas State.

Antonio Fletcher is currently 5’11 and weighs 188  pounds, but by the season he expects his weight to be at 198 pounds. He is playing safety at Arkansas State University and will look to get on the field early and often.

“I have been working out nonstop on a crazy routine , hydrating & running with a few yoga kinks,” says Fletcher.  Fletcher is scheduled to arrive on June 16th, 2018 on Arkansas State campus and will see how well his workouts have helped in preparation for his arrival.

“I’m looking forward to building relationships with my team & bettering my craft & winning championships,” says Fletcher.  He is looking forward to the Alabama game the most because he knows there’s a lot of doubt that Arkansas State will compete but he says he knows he can compete at that level of football with ease.…rofile/5403198/Antonio-Fletcher

Fletcher says that his personal goal for the season is to lead not only the conference in interceptions but the nation. “I expect to be a huge puzzle piece for the Arkansas state defense,” says Fletcher.

Fletcher has kept in contact with Kendrick Edwards & Omar Bayless the most because he knows those guys will make him a better football player when he reports because those are the 2 dynamic receivers. “I feel you have to go with the best to be the best,” says Fletcher.

Coach Anderson , Coach Johnson , Coach Cauthen & Coach Troop have stayed in contact with Fletcher daily before he even committed & that’s why it feels more like a family than a team to Fletcher.

Fletcher has been keeping up with all of the signees and says he doesn’t feel he will be challenged by anything in this college football process, and he says that he is saying that in the humblest way possible. “Since 8 years old I set my mind on the NFL so whatever I have to do to get there I’ll do it, determination is more powerful than a challenge,” says Fletcher.

Fletcher says, “They haven’t told me how quick I can get on the field but I know my style of play & I trash talk so I have a certain attitude coaches love, and I have been told how much of an impact I will be, lol, but you will witness that when we play Southern Missouri.

If you like a player that brings an attitude and sense of swagger, then it seems to me that Fletcher is your guy. He’ll come in and compete right away after losing a number of secondary players from last years team. He is going to come in right away and look to get reps and if his play is on par with his confidence, then Arkansas State will have a cornerstone defender for the next 4 years.


-Justin Cook

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