“Are You Ready for Some Football?”

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By: Jess Lowe

“Are You Ready for Some Football?”, a line from Hank Williams Jr that I loved to hear every Monday night as I grew up. Now I am beyond ready for some football, be Red Wolf, Badger, Hurricane or Packers. September isn’t getting here fast enough.

I grew up loving football. I would read the Green Bay Packer media guide like it was the Holy Grail. I knew it from front to back, at any given time I could name 90% of the roster and coaching staff and give basic info from memory. I had subscriptions to Football Digest, Sports Illustrated, and Green Bay Packers News (now obsolete weekly team newspaper). I never missed a Packers game on TV. I had a span from when I was 8 to 19 that I always found a way to watch the weekly game

And if it wasn’t Packer football, I was following Wisconsin Badgers Football. Now it wasn’t as intense as my Packer love but it was there. I was there during the beginning of the Jump Around tradition. I have been to games and the feeling is awesome! The stadium is so alive, fans are so in to it. You just join in. The stadium moves. I wish I that we could get a tradition like that going at ASU. That we could have something that people can vote on as one of the best in college football. Something to call our own. We deserve it. The team deserves it. We need something we can call our own.

I may not get to go to many road games, due to being a responsible adult and having a family to take care of. I may not get to stay for the whole game when it comes to night games. It’s not my choice but when an 8 year old wants to go to home to go to bed, that is what I do. But don’t think I am any less of a fan for having to leave early.

I may not know the name of every player on the team or where they are from, but I support each one. I may not know each stat line each week but I take the time to at least pick up the major stuff. I turn to the best coverage in the area, Red Wolf Roll Call and Red Wolf Report. What started as a bottle of Lepanto water has turned into a lifetime friendship and my most trusted third party source of information.

The fans need to come to the Red Wolf Walk before the Mizzou game, we need to show the players that we are going to be there to support them before the game. I know Aaron, Kaleb and I will be there. Kaleb will be searching the players for Luke Ferguson and Ryan Eustace, his two favorite players. Then we need to take the support into the game and be loud, get in the game and let Mizzou know we are behind our team.

I know most of the people thing we are going to roll over to Mizzou but I have faith in our team that is not going to happen. We are going to show the people of the area that Arkansas State is for real.

Lets Pack Centennial Bank Stadium and show them what Pack Pride is truly about.


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