Baseball is NOW!!!!!

By February 18, 2014 No Comments

This weekend officially marks the beginning of the newest chapter of Red Wolf Baseball.  Sure their might still be ice on the ground come Friday, but as we all know, the show must go on!  Baseball might not be the flashiest, fast paced, high octane, sport of its other counterparts.  But it’s the sport that is shared by the entire family year after year, summer after summer.  A sport passed down by dads and brought to life by the stories of our grandpas.  Endless traditions have made their way through the annals of baseball folklore, and even more rules of the game are passed whether spoken or not.  There isn’t a game more tedious or methodical than the one played between the lines of the diamond.  And that’s just how the baseball man plans to keep it.  Though its love affair stretches across numerous countries, and a variety of cultures, one common bond can be shared and known unanimously on a simple field of dirt and grass.  Although the game has changed through replay, bats, suspensions and what not, there are a few things that will always be the same.  Beverages, seeds, atmosphere, bubble gum, hot dogs, peanuts, rally caps, grumpy old men, organs, fireworks, scorebooks, all amount to a grand slam experience that will bring 3 generations of a family together for a few hours without having anyone looking for a way out.  And those traditions are ones that are built on the foundation to last a lifetime.   I’ve spent more hours at a baseball park than one can probably count, the same probably goes for most who share the love for this sport.  You might not be able to explain it, and you might never have to.  But once you hear that first chorus of “take me out to the ballgame” everything seems to be right in the world for another year.  PLAY BALL!!!


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