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By: Aaron Lowe

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As the Red Wolves draw closer to the official beginning of fall camp and that start of another season we, the Red Wolf Mafia, wanted to put together some thoughts on the upcoming season. During the season we will give different perspectives to all it plays out through the various views of members.

Before I get into this very far we want to first thank JC and the boys at the Red Wolf Roll Call Radio Network for allowing us to do this. They are the best when it come to covering anything and EVERYTHING related to A-State Athletics.They do things that some other people don’t and won’t do.  We have been behind them since day one, and like JC says at the end of the show everyday, his listeners are not just listeners they are family. Well we consider those guys part of OUR family, and 11:00 on Monday August 3rd will be a moment that we all have been looking forward to and been wanting for two years.

Next week fall camp will open on the 101st season of Arkansas State Red Wolves football, and for the first time in six years the same man that was leading the team when the previous season ended will be man in charge of thing when practices start for this season, and that is Head Coach Blake Anderson, and to add to it all of his assistants will be back as well. I know it has been said several times before but this group of coaches we have now at ASU are some of the best in the business, as well as some of the most down to earth and approachable people. I personally have ran into a who’s who of the coaching staff at various events throughout town, whether it be Coach Anderson or Coach Trooper Taylor at a Jonesboro HS basketball game or D.F.O. Jason Andrews in the local Kroger parking lot, they all take time to speak with you if you even if it’s you just offering a quick Congratulations on the most recent game. While there haven’t been much changes in the coaching front, there have have been just a couple small changes on campus. Who am I kidding, there are been two HUGE changes around the football complex that started before the book on last season was closed. First off we now have an indoor practice facility, or as it’s officially called the Student Activity Center. This will be a big plus to not only our football team by way of providing a place for the team to get out of the elements and still be able to get quality work in, but it is also set up to provide a place for the other teams like baseball, golf, soccer, tennis, and even our two club sports, softball and our Two time national 7s Red Wolf Rugby men’s team and the newly formed Women’s team, we don’t care if its club or not you wear the Scarlet and Black you matter to us, but thats a different subject for a different time, back to the SAC. Even the award winning Sound of the Natural State can get in there and play the fight song to their hearts content when good ole Arkansas weather wont allow them to get on their practice field.

The SAC isn’t the only thing thats grew out the ground, The Vault has seen a massive expansion, which Director of Athletics Terry Mohajir called the Centennial Expansion. Thought the cold icy winter to this hot and humid summer, day in and day out there have been crews work non stop to get the expansion completed. What first seemed like slow to very little progress to some, quickly became realistic thoughts as beam by beam and, dare I say this but here goes, brick by brick have gone up and went in place to form what if officially called the Johnny Allison Tower, or as we have dubbed it the “Taj Mohajir”. The reason for a sense of quickness in this project is because wether they like it or not Missouri WILL come to Jonesboro on September 12th and play ASU in OUR stadium rather than play the game at a neutral site in St. Louis  and be a de facto home game for them. With that said if you have not gotten your season tickets yet, do so now because the only time we want to see that stadium filled with with black and gold is when the Jonesboro Hurricane play their yearly game there. Either go by the Box Office at the lower red entrance of the convo, or call the ticket office at (870) 972-2781 and get your tickets now. There are still affordable ticket packages available for any budget.

The season does not begin with Mizzou, our boys will travel out to the West coast to take on the mighty University of Southern California Trojans to start the season. This is an opportunity for the pack to shine on another big stage and show that we are not just a little school, but somebody that should be taken seriously. The team wont be the only ones making the trek, JC and Uncle Walls will go out and provide us the coverage that only they can provide. Most of us may not be able to make the trip ourselves so when that group of young men leave Jonesboro, lets all show up at the football complex and line the entire length of Red Wolf Blvd and give them a rousing and inspiring send off, and don’t let it stop there. Fly those car flags, wear you A-State gear all weekend, go to some of the local establishments that will more that likely have to game on, and if you really want to show your support, do what we’ve been known to do, and be there in there when the team pulls back in after the trip.

We got a feeling that this is gonna be a special season, and each week one of our members will give you their perspective on how things went and what they thought was good, bad, and even ugly about it all. If want to keep up with give us your thoughts follow us on Twitter @RedWolfMafia. Until next time get your Wolves up and let ’em hear you howl!

The Don

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