BLOG – “Homestretch”

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AState Football BA Sideline

By: Griffin Hogue


We as fans have made it through the “dog days” of summer (thank goodness) and football season is literally right around the corner! Late June to the middle of July seem to go by FOREVER every single year, this year was no different. We have waited long enough without college football and some fall weather. All of the conferences have had their media days, and most school have started fall camp for the 2015 season. For Arkansas State, they have had 5 practices so far and the last practice was in full pads. It’s just a breath of fresh air to see the football thrown over the field and guys flying around making plays. Three of those five practices have been in the indoor practice facility due to the weather. Last year the Red Wolves would have had to just cancel practice if the weather was bad enough. A-State missed multiple days a year ago because they didn’t have the luxury of having the indoor. This go around, they can just go into the “SAC” and not miss a beat. We are still about 25 days away from seeing the ball kick off in Southern Cal, but you can feel it coming. I still think one of the more excited days is that first Saturday in college football. Everybody thinks there respective team is going to go undefeated and play for a championship. That’s what makes college football so special though, the passion and intensity it brings to the table week and week out. Folks, before we know it the Red Wolves will be taking the field against a top 10 team in one of the more famous stadiums in college athletics. If that doesn’t pump you up, I don’t know what will!

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