We got Spirit, yes we do…We got Spirit, how bout you? Part 2

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Part 2 of a 2 part series
Now that we have diagnosed the problem in basketball attendance, what do we prescribed to kill the pain? Well, using the word pain, might be just a bit harsh….yet, we have had thousands of recommendations from fans as well as all of us at the Roll Call Network.
What is the formula? Bottom line, we need the students and their participation. As I write this blog, it is the day after the Georgia State game, where, I must say…the students came out and got involved.
Quoting Andy Mannis from The Last Call Show in his latest blog……
” In my opinion, it all begins with student participation. If the University can find a way to get the student population out of their dorms, I feel like the energy at the Convocation Center will be increased ten-fold”
He is right in his observation and students must take ownership of the Convocaton Center, take ownership of the games, the students must make the atmosphere. An atmosphere, like no other in the Sun Belt Conference
It is imperative that going to games, on campus or off campus is the thing to do…it was for many years and why that trend has stopped….don’t know…but I know this, if the Athletic Department, working in conjunction with SGA, the Administration and other governing bodies on campus can make the incentives that much greater….I think that you will see a change in thinking and behavior, especially when it comes to the Women’s and Men’s Basketball games.
Ownership…take ownership of the Red Wolves….these are your teams. No matter if you’re a fan, season ticket holder or student….follow your investment. We all have an interest, we all want wins and success. You did it in football, now lets do it for all the other sports and especially basketball.
As an opponent, the Convo was once called the most dreaded place to play……I see no reason that we can’t rekindle that spark and again make the Convo, the most dreaded place to play…..the embers of the past sit right there in the student section…
…look around, you will find them. But, beware!!! When you fan those flames, be prepared to see the ghost of years past……Catalina, Gross, John Tate, Freddie Shepard, Big Al, Weaver, Sonja Tate, Davies, Haygood, Nutt, Chico, CJ, Rudy, Marsh and so many more…..

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