In Depth News and Notes on the D Line

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Arkansas State Defensive Line Depth Chart (Looking to have a 12 deep rotation, 3 at each position)

Defensive End 1- Chris Stone, Chris Odom or Darius Rosser, Jabari Mathieu-(look for Griffin Riggs to try and crack the top 3 here)

Defensive End 2- Javon Jones, Caleb Caston or Chase Robinson), Cardarius Dean, Jonah Hill (If he doesn’t stay at tight end) – (look for TJ Harris to crack the top three here)

Defensive Tackle 1- Robert Mondie, Jake Swalley, Clifford Thomas, Charles Alexander- (look for Javier Carbonell who has been working very hard this spring to make a push for top three here, he is healthy and working out as hard as the guys on campus are after coming back from his injury)

Defensive Tackle 2- Waylon Roberson, Marcus Hudson, EJ Sutton, (look for OTA to push back into the top 3 when he gets healthy after being injured this off season, Donovan Ransom will also push for top three, but doubtful he beats out Ota)
As you look at the top 3 at each position, you can see that the defensive tackle spot will have 4 new guys in the two deep that have never taken a snap for Arkansas State in a game before.

The defensive end positions look to have a lot of depth and with the lack of depth at tight end I don’t see Jonah Hill coming back to the defensive side of the ball. He’s working with tight ends for the remainder of the spring and will most likely stay there for good.

I also spoke with Coach Early about his defensive line:

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