Joe Cauthen

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Cauthen says all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed and they’re so excited about getting all of their new guys out there during fall camp

Cauthen says this time is deeper than they’ve ever been and he’s excited about all the depth and talent at the d line position

Cauthen says they feel really good about the defensive ends and tackles and the speed on the edge. He says they have the front where they want it, and they are starting to get the back end where we want it

Cauthen says they are finally deep with scholarship players

Cauthen says they are trying to set up in recruiting getting longer guys at corner, that they traditionally got smaller ones with quick change of direction, they usually fight with p5 guys to get those longer guys that can change direction quickly, but that’s what they’ve been going after and have gotten a few of them

Cauthen says that probably the best pick up they have had is Jerry Jacobs. He says his energy is great and he could be one of the best defensive players we have ever had

Cauthen says that he tells the linebackers he likes every one of them but we will play the best so they gotta go out and cut loose and the best players will play

Cauthen says before game one against SEMO here at home he wants their guys to grow together, that they have a lot of talent at many positions, but in order for them to make up for other positions, and to win games, they have to grow together and trust each other because if you aren’t close and you don’t trust the guy beside you to do his job so you can play then you won’t win those games. That’s what happened in 2015 when we lost 4 in a row because guys were trying to do other people’s jobs, says Cauthen

On picking things up here the last 4 years to take into fall camp-Cauthen says that’s what motivates him and why he hits the floor running each day because he gets energized by trying to learn more. He doesn’t have all the answers, because if he ever feel he does then he won’t be as motivated. He wants to just learn, learn, learn and be a sponge. He tells defensive coaches if they don’t like how he’s doing something tell him and let’s talk.


Going into year 5 for Coach Cauthen as the D Coordinator, he’s gained a lot of respect across the country. His defenses are consistently putting up some of the top numbers across the country and he’s kept good continuity and stabilization between he and his coaches. 2018 will be another exciting year for the Red Wolves defense.

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