Kyle Wilson- Philadelphia Eagles Update

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Kyle Wilson has been one of my favorite players that has ever been a part of Arkansas State Football. He’s a charismatic guy who is always smiling off the field, but on the field he’s a natural born leader and hunter. He’s the type of guy you always pick first to be a part of your team, but you fear seeing coming your way when he’s not.


Kyle went unsigned out of Arkansas State during the 2018 NFL Draft but quickly found a home with the Eagles. He started off as a camp invite, but it didn’t take long for the Eagles to find out they had found a gem in Kyle Wilson. Wilson says, “I’m beyond blessed to be in a position to sign a contract with an NFL team, especially the defending Super Bowl Champs.” He also says that it’s definitely a dream come true for him.


Wilson said that he expected to be one of the guys that wouldn’t get their name called in the draft, but was very hopeful to be in consideration for talks after the draft. There were a lot of NFL teams, scouts, and media who would look at Kyle’s height as the only real concern for his game. Trust the tape is something I’ve always heard, and if they would have done that he would have been drafted, but the  front office guy’s lively hood is on the line so they’re going to do what they think is best, but luckily for the Eagles they took a chance and they won’t be disappointed.


Kyle says that he and his agent were both receiving calls from the Eagles days before the draft and leading up t it but were only able to come to an agreement on me coming out to rookie mini camp as a tryout guy and not actually sign a contract. That didn’t last long. It only took a few days of camp for them to realize Kyle is the type of guy they are looking for and will now look to make a big impression when training camp and preseason comes around.

Wilson said, “After I attended the rookie mini camp as a tryout guy and returned home without any feedback, I slowly began to lose hope as days went by. I was even to the point where I began to apply for jobs at home. And the day I actually got a call back from a job and was really hired, that same day I got the call from the Eagles and was offered a contract. The next day I was flown out to Philadelphia to join the team.” Wilson then said, “It’s crazy how the tables turned!”


During the rookie mini camp, Wilson said it differed a lot from college camp. Wilson said, “Everything is just so much more crisp and controlled. You can definitely tell the coaches and players carry themselves as professionals. A lot is understood and doesn’t have to be explained.”


Kyle is a tackling machine who rarely if ever misses a tackle. Kyle has vice grip hands an finishes the job on the defensive side of the ball. He’ll be hoping to continue with the Eagles what he started with the Red Wolves.

Defense & Fumbles


Tackles Def Int Fumbles
Year School Conf Class Pos G Solo Ast Tot Loss Sk Int Yds Avg TD PD FR Yds TD FF
*2016 Arkansas State Sun Belt JR LB 12 33 47 80 18.0 3.5 0 0 0 0 0 0
*2017 Arkansas State Sun Belt SR LB 12 46 47 93 8.5 1.0 1 0 0.0 0 0 0 1
Career Arkansas State 79 94 173 26.5 4.5 1 0 0.0 0 0 0 1

Kyle accumulated 173 total tackles in only 24 games with Arkansas State. Averaging over 7 tackles a game against teams who did what they had to do to stay away from him will find Kyle in a good position to remain on a team in the NFL.

I will never forget the game in 2017 against ULM when Kyle went out with an injury to his upper chest and the entire time you could just see how bad it hurt not being able to be cleared to go back into the game. Forget the injury, he wanted to be there for his brothers. He’s a guy who loves the game, loves playing on a team with his brothers, and more than just liking to win, he hates to lose. He wants to be in the game for every snap, because losing isn’t an option in Wilson’s mind.

Kyle is now competing to get reps at the Mike Linebacker position. Most of the responsibilities Kyle is already used to from playing college ball as far as getting the call from the sideline, communicating the call to the rest of the defense, and also getting the defensive line lined up and making the according checks, according to Wilson. Kyle says, “It’s definitely a position I feel I can play in the NFL.”

So what’s the biggest adjustment for Kyle so far while being a part of an NFL organization? Kyle says, “The biggest adjustment is just being accountable for your actions.” Kyle says that you don’t have people all the time telling you what to do and what decisions to make. He says you have to carry yourself like a professional and a grown man and make the correct decisions on and off the field.

Kyle’s plan now is to finish OTA’s as best as he can to put himself in a position to be considered and liked by teammates and coaches. Wilson says, “When we get our break, I’ll go home and continue to work on my craft and get better as a player so I can return to training camp ready to compete and continue living out my dream.”


Wilson is enjoying battling with everyone out there right now though and says his team is striving to compete and make each other better every day so he’s just embracing the culture that’s already established there leading up to the break and into training camp.


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