Make Your Plans Now, DON’T WAIT!!!!

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So as most have you have seen by now the 2014 football schedule has been released.  On the surface it looks brutal. Not the most exciting lineup there is, but I’ve quickly come to dislike App St fans (in a good way).  And it also is pretty sporadic this year with a Week 1 opener, then a couple in a row, then A MONTH later ASU comes back to friendly confines to end the year with 3 of 4 in Jonesboro.

There’s also the nice two-week span where the red wolves take on powers Tennessee and The U, winnable sure, but we might know more after spring ball.

But while the schedule is not ideal and the typical excuses are already starting to fly ‘it will be cold’ ‘it’s hunting season’ ‘the students will be gone for breaks’ yeah, we get it.

But NOW is the time to load up on hot hands and ASU hoodies now!! Look at that schedule in The Vault, VERY likely to go 6-0, 4-2 at worst I think.

There’s no need to HAVE to entice people with deer stands but I do think ASU does need to start work NOW on marketing things to get casual folks out to the games.

Late season attendance is a problem everywhere (look at the MAC).  Even the big conferences see it when they’re teams are not playing for titles or big bowls. But, take heed Red Wolf Nation, the reason that we all enjoyed Mobile not too long ago was because of that consistent attendance. Don’t look at the dates and think ‘oh man, this schedule sucks’ but think ‘oh man, we get to win another sun belt title at home!’ Remember that MTSU beatdown?! Wouldn’t have happened had it not been a late home game.

So get your hoodies, gloves, heated blankets, all that stuff ready! It’s gonna be a helluva November in Jonesboro!


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