BLOG-My ASU History – Part One

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AState Fball Utah St

By: David Miller

Photo Courtesy: Arkansas State


The time is upon us, the day most all southern gentlemen declare as their favorite day (Behind the Anniversary and kids birthdays of course☺.)  Now is the time that families are divided, body paint stock rises and Saturday’s become a giant party with thousands of strangers.   It’s college football season. Growing up in the south you are almost bred to be a college football fan, everyone has their favorite team and for various reasons.  It could be as small as just picking a random team and rolling with it or having generations of family members attend the same school.  It is in our DNA, we bleed our school’s colors.  We yell, cry and cheer.  There is something about cheering for teams playing for entire state’s that gets your blood going and I just happen to bleed Scarlet and Black.

I just want to take some time in my first entry to give you background of when I started following Arkansas State Football.  I was born in 1982 in Jonesboro, AR both my parents attended ASU and my very first memory is Keith Merritt yelling “Touchdown Tribe” on the radio.  Growing up in Jonesboro most all my friends pretended to be Arkansas State players as opposed to NFL superstars.  I had numerous numbers shaved in the side of my head Fred Barnett, Roy Johnson, Dwane Brown just to name a few.  I have a Jonesboro Sun picture of me getting Earl Easley’s autograph stashed away.  My family shares stories of watching former Indians jumping over cars, kays field and fraternities beating the drum the entire week of homecoming.  My dad shares stories of watching Bill Bergy, Clovis Sweeny and others.  My mom breaks into a solo of “Don’t give a damn about the whole state of Louisiana, whole state of Louisiana. Don’t give a damn about the whole state of Louisiana.  We’re from Arkansas STATE.” From time to time.  On occasion my mother would break out here lipstick and eye liners to paint my brother and I faces.   I still remember my brother getting in trouble with Mississippi State fans for ringing a cowbell during the national anthem.  It is safe to say I never stood a chance to like another school.  I was born an Indian/Red Wolf.
During my childhood my family along with 2 other families traveled to most all away games and never missed a home game.  My childhood was spent listening to Cherokee played constantly, running around on the field with Logan Lacewell. As well as traveling to Memphis on Halloween night to tangle with the Tigers.  We spent numerous hours traveling in an RV to and from Ruston, LA.   I received stitches in Starkville, MS after colliding with an RV door.  I remember playing football on the East Concourse of the stadium until a kid broke his leg.  I remember playing football for hours on the field after the games, rolling down the end zone hills.  I remember the ROTC cannon.  I remember 3 fights with Loser Tech (all of which I was terrified) and Putzer Dayton breaking an arm tripping on the first down marker.  I recall the days of the Garage Door (which to this day is my favorite entry) and the team standing on the East Sideline.  These are just a few memories amongst hundreds I have from Arkansas State.  These are memories that I cherish and share with anyone who will listen.
Over the next few blogs we will travel throughout my years of Arkansas State football.  I will share my thoughts, feelings and memories.  We went through a lot during the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.   There we a few ups with A LOT of downs.   I will end with my thoughts going into the preseason camp and thoughts on this year’s games.  I also plan to provide a weekly blog from a fans perspective on everything from the game week.  What things a diehard does to fill his time until kickoff.  This is my first experience trying to write and blog so please excuse mistakes.  I am just a die-hard Red Wolf fan who wants to share his experiences with a few other people.  I want to thank Joel Cox and RedWolfRollCall for giving me this opportunity.  I hope everyone enjoys the content and perspective I provide.  You may not agree with everything I say, I am sure I will question coaching decisions from the stands (which we all know is easier) but in no way will I EVER question a coaches/players heart or integrity.  I am excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to share my blog with you guys.


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