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Hat games, flips, flops, booms, busts, fist-pumps, chest-bumps, face-palms, program changers, projects, locks, tweaners, hybrids, scats, backs, and stacks… ahhh, you know what time it is.  National Signing Day!  This is the day that schools will officially know what direction they’re headed, and the day that employers across the US will curse the football gods.  That’s right, a day in which every regular Joe like our self will be enslaved to the brilliance of one all mighty piece of ancient architecture, the all-knowing FAX MACHINE!   Sure, every other working day of the year we curse the printer/fax/copier/ printer “all in one.”  But today, today is THE day we rejoice and praise this obsolete piece of torture machinery.  All of our hopes and dreams of program’s future lie in the hands of a simple piece of paper tomorrow.  Countless hours of work done by coaches whether in home, on the phone, during camps, or through social media come to this.  Factor in the massive accumulation of even more countless hours of research, reading sites, and scanning recruiting boards done by us fans.  My friends, those are the ingredients for one EPIC day.  The grind of another year has come to an end for one piece of the puzzle.  How the picture will look at puzzle’s end is still yet to be determined…  Regardless, every guy and gal knows what it’s really about anyway.   It’s all about THE CHASE.  Here’s to us reeling in a “looker” tomorrow!!!    -T ²-

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