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American author Hunter S. Thompson once remarked, “February is always a bad month for TV sports. Football is gone, basketball is plodding along in the mid-season doldrums, and baseball is not even mentioned.” More times than not this anecdote rings true…however in Jonesboro, Arkansas the 2014 Red Wolf Baseball team has the state quaking at the mere “mention” of a possible trip to Omaha!  If the “Road” to the home of Zestos, Namesake Steaks, and the Henry Dorely Zoo is paved one brick at a time…the seasons keystone saw Tommy Raffo’s club lay a solid foundation as they set their sights on TD Ameritrade Park.  The Pack attack over the weekend waged against Miami of Ohio lent creedence to the fact that any…I repeat any team in the NCAA Mix can punch their ticket to the 8 team finale at seasons end.  The 3-4 combo of Austin Baker and Matt Burgess continues to give the Redhawk’s night terrors as they recollect the muffled “pings” that Arkansas State pounded out over the weekend.  You want extra base power…how about 13 doubles in the season opening series?!  That enabled 28 runs to cross the dish en route to a .336 team batting average.  And since this is the first installment of the Red Wolf Media Mafia…it is only fitting to have a few “hitmen” on retainer.  Baker and Burgess chipped in leading the assault going a robust 6-8 in the series capper.   Burgess essentially doubling as a one man gang going 6-9 on the series with a nifty 6 RBI in the effort. Baker was no slouch himself…the AState cleanup man cleaned up with 5 hits on the weekend set.  The sense of confidence instilled in not only the entire club…but the meat of their lineup was extremely beneficial to long-term success as the season progresses.  Combine that with the on mound pitching prowess of the youngster Derek Birginske and Dustin Jones and you have a team poised for great things.  The honeymoon did however come to an end after being shutout Tuesday versus in state rival Arkansas Monticello…but baseball is a marathon not a sprint and losses are inevitable.  This seasons squad may be not be familiar with the aforementioned Hunter S.Thompson… and it shows…because there is apparently zero “Fear and Loathing” in their approach to 2014!

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