Recruiting, the life blood of college athletics.

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I wrote the book on college recruiting and I just sold my millionth copy of my 4th best seller, according to the New York Times best seller list on this subject and it has made me a millionaire…several times over…..I could only wish….

Recruiting, the life blood of college athletics.

It is something that keeps head coaches up at night and second guessing themselves all the time….like buying a car, it looks sleek, clean and drives good…but will it end up being a lemon?

To this date, no one…absolutely no one has figured out the art of college recruiting and never will…you can quote me on that.

Another year comes around here at Arkansas State and February in the college football circles mean only one thing…National Signing Day and Letter of Intent….where will this class stand in the ranking of all time recruiting classes here at Arkansas State? Only time will tell.

My, how things have changed over the years here at ASU.  Looking back even to the 1970’s, recruiting-wise, your hope was to signed a few in state players with good stats and hope to pick a few up here and there across the nation….but, the main focus was try to keep it local and get what you can and try as best to develop that talent into 4-5 star talent.

Over the years, ASU has had much success at achieving that type of development….take a James Hamilton from Marked Tree….A Robert Speers from Jonesboro….A Waddell Kelly from Augusta….A Ricky Jemison from Earle…A Maurice Carthon from Osceola…A Ray Brown from Marion….A Tim Langford from Searcy…and last but not least…the Golden Boys from the Golden Gang at Jonesboro High in the early 80’s…….

Local is good and local is still a part of our recruiting, but ASU has branded themselves into a name that when a coach walks into a recruit’s home…no matter if it’s in Newport, Arkansas…Newport News, Virginia or Newport Beach, California…..our name has clout….holds water…’s a player in the game.

Yeah, I know….day in and day out, we go up against the big boys and our chances are slim, but the mentality of our coaching staffs over the past 4 years has been…”we will recruit anyone, anywhere at anytime and against anyone, anywhere and at anytime”.

Taking chances….that is what college coaches do when recruiting a player and ASU has done an outstanding job in taking chances…..

So, to all those local boys over the years that made a name for themselves inside of Indian Stadium and those that came after….thank you….thank you for building a foundation, that today, supports a recruiting system that can not only go after local athletes, but athletes the world over.

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