In-State Recruiting Territories Assigned

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Arkansas State head football coach Blake Anderson has assembled his complete staff now, and in-state recruiting territories have been assigned for each assistant coach.

Arkansas has 215 football playing high schools, and Anderson’s staff will put coaches in every one of them.


The breakdown for each area of the state is below.

Defensive line coach Brian Early will recruit most of the state of Arkansas. Early will recruit 52 schools in North West and Western Arkansas. He will also recruit 25 schools in Eastern Arkansas.

Safeties coach Allen Johnson will recruit 21 schools in South West Arkansas.

Tight ends coach Dan Dodd will recruit 20 high schools in Northern Arkansas.

Offensive coordinator Walt Bell will recruit 24 high schools in North Eastern Arkansas, to include the immediate Jonesboro area.

Corners coach Trooper Taylor will recruit 26 schools in the Central Arkansas and Little Rock area.

Wide Receivers coach Luke Paschall will recruit 22 schools in South East Arkansas.

Defensive coordinator Joe Cauthen will recruit 25 schools in South West Arkansas.

Running backs coach Anthony Tucker and offensive line coach Glen Elarbee will not have any recruiting responsibilities inside of the state of Arkansas. is working on obtaining the out of state recruiting territories for each coach, and we will publish them as soon as they are made available.


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