Trooper Taylor- Arkansas State Media Days

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Trooper Taylor joined Red Wolf Roll Call as the first guest at Arkansas State Media Days. Immediately the energy in the room was pumping. Trooper is fired up for his 5th season at Arkansas State as the cornerbacks coach.

Trooper loses a number of players from his secondary and a lot of experience including in his son, Blaise Taylor, who played nearly every snap for 4 straight years. When asked about what it’s going to be like losing all that experience he says, “Competition won’t do anything but make us better.” He plans on there being a battle in the cornerbacks room.

Trooper says that he feels someone will come out of fall camp as a star. Coming out of the spring, Trooper said there was a lot of competition and that someone could gain or lose their position with the time they put in during the summer. Trooper has been getting text messages from his players all summer and there has been a lot of talking back and forth. He knows the expectation in the locker room is that the corner position may be a weak link on the team with all of the departures. Trooper says, ” It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, and we will be ready.” Every year Trooper told us that they lose guys and every year someone has stepped up. “Every year it’s a different football team because of people leaving and every year we step up,” says Taylor.

Trooper talked about his defensive backs and the length of time they have to cover wide receivers. He says the teams that have the type of wide receivers that like to shake and bake is just giving his receivers the time they need to cover while the intense d line of Arkansas State rushes the the quarterback. The corners are just doing what they can to hold the receivers from getting into their route while the line does their job, says Taylor.

When talking about the difference in Fall Camp and Spring Practice, Trooper says they get so excited about Fall Camp because they are preparing to play games and the springs it’s more for understanding what is expected on offense and defense and just trying to gain your position, and now it’s time to see who can make the travel team.

Finally, Trooper talked about the culture at Arkansas State. He says it’s really good with the standard they have and it used to be all about coaches correcting players and now the players are correcting each other, players are setting the standard, and the players are helping uphold the standard.

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