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Hello all,


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and write a post for Red Wolf Roll Call. But I’m glad to say I’m back at it again, at least for this week. We’ll see what college does to me next week once again. But, anyhow, let’s give a recap on all things sports world, including something special taking place at Arkansas State.


To start, a lot has happened; plain and simple. Baseball is back (go Cardinals), the UCONN men AND women both won their respective March Madness tournaments (only one other school did that in 2004. Surprise, surprise, it was UCONN who did it). The NBA and NHL playoffs will be getting underway this week, Bubba Watson won his second Masters Tournament in three years (though Mickelson struggled and Tiger was nowhere to be found. I say this because those are the only two golfers the world seem to really care about), and we’re getting ever so closer to the coveted NFL Draft (hey guys, you know the NBA, MLB and NHL each have drafts to right?). One last story going on (big international story going on) is the Oscar Pistorius trial. Though I’ve been unable to follow the trial 24/7, Pistorius has taken the stand the past few days, which that alone makes the trial interesting.


Now, let’s focus on all things Arkansas State related. For starters, the baseball team has played well through their Sun Belt Conference portion of the schedule (they currently sit in second place with a series upcoming against ULM). Before they play this series however, Coach Raffo and the squad will pay Memphis a visit tonight (the Red Wolves won their first matchup, 10-7 on March 25). Sophomore Adam Grantham will get the ball tonight, making his third start of the series.


Finally, we close this article with football. Yes, Red Wolves fans, the one sport we tend to care about (and I’ll keep using that argument until you show me otherwise) is back. Spring practice is wrapping up this week, culminating in the Spring Game set for this Friday. Coach Blake Anderson and his new staff will be on hand to coach up the squad, though they’re likely to not have gotten the full gist of the new A-State offense (that will likely carry over into summer and fall camp).


But there’s one other twist that makes this Spring Game interesting. You’ve likely learned that there was a nationally-recognized auction via EBay to help search for someone who would get a one-in-a-lifetimes opportunity to coach on the sideline. After days of bidding, we have our winner. With a winning bid of $11,700, Nick Bhardwaj, a 25 year old native of San Francisco (yes, you read that right) will come to the little town of Jonesboro and get to participate in all things Red Wolves football related. And I expect him to actually coach up something special Friday (not saying he’s going to outcoach, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few trick plays. Please see GoDaddy Bowl for reference).


Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how this Spring Game plays out in particular, still a lot of questions to be answered, even after Friday’s game has ended. For now, I’m signing off. I’ll talk to you guys again soon.


Aaron League

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