Wednesday AState Football Post Practice Report

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A few general overviews-

Fredi Knighten Justin Manning

By: Justin Cook, Publisher

I followed the Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers around on Wednesday mostly and was impressed with what I was seeing. Some quarterbacks and wide receivers are making great strides, while others are remaining about the same. Big standout for me today from the quarterbacks was James Tabary. Tabary was making all of the throws asked of him, putting the ball between the numbers on the receivers chest, and was throwing with high velocity. Blake Mack stood out to me as far as receivers go. Most of the receivers were catching everything thrown at them on a day filled with rain, most were running good routes and showed speed and acceleration, but Blake Mack showed that along with incredible size and was even looking good on kick return protections. He was man handling people and his hands looked like vice grips when he latched on to a member of the kick team. When working in position drills Blake had a smooth back pedal and could explode on command out of his stance and be full speed in no time. (For the full story click here)


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